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Jesus Appearing to Sailor's Guiding Them to a Safe Port
<I>Apostleship of the Sea</i>
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Apostleship of the Sea

Apostleship of The Sea - Stella Maris

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Stella Maris is an International Maritime charity supporting seafarers, fishers, and their families in the UK and around the world.

Seafarers often have to work away from their families and local communities for nine to 12 months at a time.  Across the world, we aim to provide a ‘friend in every port’ and stand alongside seafarers and fishers to ensure their rights are upheld. For 100 years we’ve been extending the hand of friendship and welcoming seafarers and fishers to our shores.Our network of chaplains and volunteers makes more than 70,000 ship visits each year and supports hundreds of thousands of seafarers and fishermen in times of need.

220 Chaplains
supporting seafarers globally
750 Volunteers
in ports around the world
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