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The Church of Holistic Healing - About Us.

Our Spiritual beliefs at the Church of Holistic Healing hold sacred the inherent powers of the Human mind/body/spirit connection and it's natural ability for healing. We believe every individual has the inalienable right to 'Freedom of Choice' and, the primary responsibility for choosing systems to aid in their own healing. We believe in utilizing the mind's natural power of positive thought and visualization in contacting our own personal Higher Power. This natural power residing in each individual's mind may be labeled Hypnosis. Yet, Hypnosis is simply a term for a state of the mind where the mind is open and receptive to new learning and also open to metaphysical transformation and healing.

The Church of Holistic Healing believes in making one aware of the spiritual tools each of us has readily available inside. And making these tools accessible to all persons for self-growth, self-fulfillment and healing. Thus enabling understanding of our natural and/body/spirit connection and it's powerful impact on our spiritual growth and ability to improve our relationships with each other. This understanding improves our lives, our communities and the world.

The Church of Holistic Healing
Welcomes All Denominations

The Church of Holistic Healing reaches out to all denominations and performs community service by teaching self-development and self-empowerment techniques and tools utilizing effective hypnotic and meditation principles. Our ministry derives these skills, in part, through intensive training and the study of Hypnosis as taught in the curriculum of the Society of Applied Hypnosis Inc.

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We're looking for those who have a sincere desire to help their fellow man through our community outreach programs.

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